Catering Menu

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Pasta’s and quiches

Served in a tinfoil container

large container 25cm x 30cm (10 people) 

Medium container  25 cm x 15cm (4 people )

Tuna lasagne  large                   R430.00

Tuna lasagne med .                   R230.00

Vegetable lasagne large           R370.00

Vegetable lasagne Med.           R210.00

Fish platter

with assorted bagels                  R950.00


Spinach & feta cheese  large   R390.00 


Spinach & feta cheese  Med.   R210.00                                                                               

Pasta Napolitano  Large          R310.00


Pasta Napolitano Med.             R165.00


Roasted vegetable

with Napolitano sauce              R345.00


Melanzane Large                       R375.00


Melanzane Med.                         R190.00

Smoked salmon pasta               R460.00


Macaroni & Cheese large         R340.00


Macaroni & Cheese  Med         R180.00


Served on a large round platter

(12 – 15 servings)


Greek salad                                  R380.00

Greak salad half                         R210.00


Garden green salad                  R295.00

Garden green salad half           R150.00

Couscous with roasted              R360.00

Couscous with roasted  half     R190.00

vegetables & feta cheese

Tuna Salad                                  R430.00

Tuna Salad  half                         R225.00


 Served on a round tray

(12-15 servings)




Wrap platter A                               R395.00

Assorted wraps with fillings of cream cheese & salmon, tuna mayonnaise, egg mayonnaise ,roasted vegetables with mozzarella cheese


Wrap platter B                            R480.00

Wraps with smoked salmon & cream cheese

Savoury platter A                         R410.00

Assorted boiled bagels with fillings of  tuna mayonnaise, smoked salmon & cream cheese, egg mayonnaise, cheese & tomatoes with pickled cucumber  & pesto


Savoury platter B                         R520.00

Open bagel with smoked salmon & cream cheese


Savoury platter C                         R495.00

Assorted open bagels with fillings and fried seamy seed fish in the middle



Delicious thick                    R60.00per litre

vegetable soup                            


Potato lakes                           R25.00 each

Potato lakes with smoked salmon & cream cheese with a drop of sweet chilli sauce on top


Bran, choc chip, feta and spinach, cheese, apple muesli, lemon cream, carrot.


Small                                      R10.00each

Medium                                 R16.00 each

Large                                     R28.00 each



Flower cupcake basket                            R150.00

( 8 assorted cupcakes)


Crumpets (30)                           R 230.00

Served with a cinnamon sugar and assorted jams

Fresh fruit platter                     R320.00





Half                (25cm x 15cm)   R210.00

Small             (21cm round      R180.00

Large           (25cm x 30cm)    R350.00                     

Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Half                (25cm x 15cm)   R195.00

Small             (21cm round      R165.00

Large           (25cm x 30cm)    R380.00


Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake

Half                (25cm x 15cm)   R195.00

Small             (21cm round      R165.00

Large           (25cm x 30cm)    R380.00 


        Basic cakes no writing just iced

Cakes Chiffon    small (10)        R115.00

Cakes Chiffon    Meduim(20)  R220.00

Cakes Chiffon   large (40)       R320.00


Carrot cake                                R240.00

with cream cheese icing

Ice cream cake square (+/- 40 people)


Printed edible picture                R470.00

Iced  no picture basic                R390.00

Chalav with picture                  R550.00

Ice cream cake round  (+/- 20 people)


Printed edible picture and iced

Parev /milk(non chalv)           R340.00

Iced no picture & wording     R265.00

Chalav with picture                R370.00



Sponge cake (+/- 40 people)

Edible picture and iced            R450.00

no print with writing              R370.00 


Sponge cake (+/- 20 people)


Edible picture and iced           R340.00

no print  with writing             R262.00


Specialised 3D designer cakes


Edible sheet only                          R78.00


Cupcake plain iced                         R12.50

Cupcake with picture                  R20.50